Team management, need to know

Im not an expert but i would like to share a tip or two on team management. For someone who has just be put in charge of a team, big or small, its a big thing as you are no longer the follower but you are the leader.

Well there is a saying “To lead, one must first learn to follow“. In any office environment its going to be exciting for you but then you start feeling the pressure of leading a team. Its best to soak up the pressure and learn how to use it to drive u. When your are leading a team, “drive” is what u need. Bossing around others never helps even if your the boss yourself. It will only send invite to your team to not like you or lookup to you. People as human nature is have A never ending desire to find a common enemy and believe me that is the last thing you want.

Leading a team is about understanding yourself, your strength , your weakness n how you view others. Your team mates are not you subordinates but they are are partners.

There is another thing, I am sure of the source of the quote but it goes something like this “Tell good things about one person in open and bad things to him in person”. People like to be appreciated, go ahead appreciate your team it will help you gain their support and trust.

There will b times when you have to b a dictator, Times when your a democratic leader and times when you have to be aggressive towards the team else people as they are, will start taking you for granted.

Mahatma said “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong“. Be strong no matter how things go wrong, learn to forgive. No matter how much someone messed up, forgive,  as the only way to go ahead is together. Even you will mess up and you will need the support of your team.

For any team to b successful the most important thing is communication, you may be Einstein of coding but if you do not communicate you are a dead weight in a team.
As a leader its you duty to make sure people communicate, involve people, make then gel.
Remember a well gelled team is like a well oiled machine..smooth is the word that comes to my mind thinking of such a team.

There will b ups and there will be downs, there will be the days when you want to run home screaming “I cant take it anymore”. One thing that matters is how you evolve and use your experience to your benefit.

Lastly as a leader, For your team, you have to a constant, a fixed point, The Last Man Standing.


Web site, need to know!

#step 1 – Have an awesome idea

The first thing you need to know is to have an awesome goody idea about something that you really want the netizens to know. Something that will

be attractive, new and fresh. Something that will pull people on your site. Having an aim and an idea of what you want to do is the most important thing as you need

to follow a certain path to have a successful website you can call your own. Ponder upon ideas, dig deep and sure enough you will come up with an awesome idea.

like how about i come up with a site that can help people list the old books they have and let other share their books online.

#step 2 – Get a domain

with the brand new idea, its time to have cool, catchy, unique name for your site. Something related to the content or the type of the website your are going to make.

the name should be such that its easy for people to remember and easily come to know what he site is about. like (this is not a real site).

People should know just by reading the name , what is the deal about the site. There are lots of domain name providers out there, choose the one that best fits

your requirements and budget. Some of them are

   – GoDaddy


#step 3 – Get a  cool template

Ahh now the looks and the feel and the actual website itself!. If your are not a programmer or cannot afford to hire one (you actually do not need one!), you can just go online

and select from millions of template freely available to download. Most of the website templates are free for commercial use, but do make sure you can use the template for commercial purpose

if you intend to make money from the website. Choose a template that is not too booooring or too complex. Simplicity is welcomed by web users. Think like user, as in how you will like

the website to be, simple and to the point. Make sure you do not have unnecessary stuff (unreleated) on you website.

#step 4 – Go Mobile!

This world is gone (going mobile), 100’s of millions of people are switching on to smart devices to go online, so make sure the website you have is supported by mobile browsers and is responsive enough to

fit the mobile scree. There are lots of HTML5 (HTML – the stuff that makes the website, and yes version 5) templates , absolutely freeeeeeee.

#step 5 – Get refreshing content

Domain name check,

Website HTML5 responsive website check,

Now comes the content!, nothing will draw people to your website than some good content!. This is the most important part of attracting and making people come to your website for more!.

Based on your idea to start the website, come up with the content and add to your website. At this stage you will need some help modifying the template to hold the data you want.

Add pictures, add videos, add colours (do not make it too flashy though, simplicity is the aim remember?).

note : update frequently

#step 6 – Get Seo’d

If you want the search engines to be giving some pretty good treatment then you should be giving some pretty good treatment to your website, so that he search engines (web crawlers) do not

have  a hard time searching for your site and ranking your site higher up that others. Enter SEO – search engine optimisation. This is very important if your want to make your site

stand out from the crowd for the people to get their hands on fast and easily. Think SEO as a guy holding a big banner with bold letter in a crowd, easily spotted; )

#step 7 – Spead the word!

Promote your site on social networking site, Facebook it, tweet it, blog it, Powtoon it..get radical get mobile spread the news to as many as possible, be the marketing guy as search engines them selves will not

do everything for people to come to your site.

These were few of things you need to know to come up with a website of your own, it may take you only few hours to do all the things expect for the content. Keep your focus on the content, go dig up an awesome idea!